Running My Private Practice: Do I Need A Virtual Assistant?

Do you Need A Virtual Assistant? Do you need help answering the phones for your practice? Are there stacks of to-dos, half-attempted forms, and emails that need to be blasted? But you know you just don’t have the time? If so, you might consider the support of a virtual assistant. In fact, a VA may just be the help you need to free you up considerably. Then, you might not feel so frazzled and demoralized when you think about billing privately.

Not sure you what a virtual assistant is and how you would go about hiring one?

No problem! Read on:

A Virtual Assistant is that “Right Hand” Successful People Are Always Talking About

Anybody at the top of their game obtains the right support at the right time. For many therapists, that support is a person whose job is to provide that support. They have the skills to offer and willingly do so for a fee.  This support can come in a host of forms and is usually offered on a schedule you prefer on a remote basis.

The beauty of it?  Their remote location means you can find ideal candidates from anywhere, near or far. The best people, with a wealth of experience, are not out of reach as long as they can work privately, securely, and reliably online.

With a high-speed Internet connection and attention to detail, an experienced virtual assistant can be a game-changer for you and your practice.

So, What Key Skills Would a VA Bring to My Practice?

There are various kinds of virtual assistants. So, it’s important to consider your needs as you see them now, what seems to fall through the cracks and the kind of support that might be necessary for goal-setting and growing your practice. Generally, virtual assistants offer the following services, which may be very helpful:

Administrative tasks are common responsibilities for most VAs. They can help with

  • Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Filing and internal paperwork
  • Travel coordination
  • Client calls and reception
  • Voicemail, email management
  • Customer service
  • Internet/social media support
  • Invoicing/bookkeeping
  • Insurance Billing

Personal support is also well within the skill set of many VAs.

They can maintain your social calendar or act as a personal shopper. Managing your personal errands, deliveries, and transportation would be areas they could handle as well.

Tech Support is often an area the right VA can help with routinely as well.

They are able to manage and maintain your website, often a load off a therapist’s shoulders. They can also set up efficient works systems and processes, transcribe audio files, and more.

Creative help is also available if you find the right VA for you.

Website and social media design and content creation may be areas they can help you with. Graphic design, marketing, and direct mail campaigns might also receive a boost and consistent attention with a VAs assistance.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a wise decision if your expectations are clear.

It’s important to be realistic and open to change if you do decide to hire a virtual assistant. They aren’t miracle workers and a good deal of communication will enhance your ability to effectively delegate. This person will represent your private therapy practice to your customers.

Also, be sure you can balance handing over the reins in certain areas while feeling comfortable with your role as the primary director of your practice. You’d want to hire someone who understands your communication style and with whom you can interact comfortably online, over Zoom, etc.

All told, hiring a virtual assistant with the right skills for you and your practice can provide the time you need to rest, do lots of things you haven’t felt free to do, and grow in ways you can’t without support. Why keep yourself stretched thin?

Where Do I Find A Virtual Assistant?

I created a directory for trusted Vetted billers for therapists. Here’s the list. I have interviewed them and checked their references. All are highly recommended billers and virtual assistants. Message them and inquire about how they can help you with your private practice!

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