Insurance Billing In Private Practice: What Are My Options?

Insurance Billing In Private Practice: What Are My Options?

Insurance billing in private practice might seem stifling, constricting, rigid even. Lots of rules and scary avenues for expensive mistakes. Yet, that’s only true if you’re trying to go it alone. Or worse, not going it at all for fear of billing failure.

The truth is your only real billing obstacle is not knowing what you don’t know. And that can be easily remedied with some help from me and some key information that might just free you up to make the kind of money you deserve.

Read on to discover the billing options available to you. You can count on support to make insurance billing the private practice boost you didn’t know you needed.

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Three Key Options for Private Practice Insurance Billing

DIY Insurance Billing (You Can Do This!)

Now, before you balk, “do it yourself” is not a call to figure it out yourself. Time is money and experts are available to help streamline your learning curve.

The first thing to do is take a comprehensive course on insurance billing in private practice. All you need is a computer, a bit of time, and a willing mind to learn how to bill on your own. My course: How To Bill Insurance for Private Practice (Telehealth & Brick and Mortar) is an ideal one-stop-shop for all you need to know. Rife with information and encouraging guidance for making billing happen, you’ll enjoy taking your practice and profits in hand.

In the course, I’ve laid out the basics, tips, and tricks of the billing industry. You can grow your practice from home, the office, or a hotel overseas. I’ve done my best to include a wealth of direction to help you feel well-informed and thoroughly capable of tackling codes, forms, and client questions in no time, anywhere.

Still, what if you’re the sort who learns best in a group?

No problem, read on!

Sometimes doing it on your own goes smoother when you can check-in and sort things out with others in the same situation. This is why the added support of our  Bill Like a Boss community is fitting.  Consider it the “billing with friends” option.

This program allows you to join a private, encouraging, judgment-free membership group for round-the-clock billing aid and support. By joining this community of billers just like you, any worries, hassles, or frustrations can be addressed and managed before they snowball and convince you to give up.

Novice and experienced insurance billers are welcome to join in. The community is carefully designed to provide all members the systems, guidance, and user-friendly tools necessary for billing success.

Still not enough support to convince you to dive in on your own?

That’s okay too!

Experts are standing by to take you all the way to your billing goals. We call them Virtual Assistants and they may be the perfect answer to your billing objections. You say you don’t have enough time to bill? A VA is hired to streamline all your billing matters and help you make sense of them.

At, I provide trusted and vetted virtual assistants to help with billing. A VA can work with you and the flow of your practice. The person you select helps hone a billing process that fits you well and serves your clients with less confusion and more confidence. All in all, clients get the services they need and you’ll be paid appropriately.

The Takeaway?

You are not stuck! With our help, you won’t be left fumbling in billing darkness. Some people want to hold your hand through the whole learning process and see you flourish financially.

Our exclusive membership support team is available to field your questions and figure out logistics.

You simply need to figure out which private practice billing option is right for you. Simply click here for help with that too: Take my free 5-day Mini-Course Kickstart.

I can’t wait to help you move forward once you decide which path is right for you!

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