Hiring the Right Virtual Assistant for My Insurance-based Private Practice

Okay, so you’ve decided that you need help from a Virtual Assistant. That’s good and actually half the battle.

You realize you’re buried in tasks and appointments. You recognize that follow-up and follow-through are getting more and more difficult to manage. You’re clear that you need support so you can focus on billing well and learning new ways to optimize your practice.

All told, outsourcing seems like a godsend. Now, if you can just find the right virtual assistant, reining things in and restoring your peace of mind is possible. Ideally, you want to free yourself up to maximize the time devoted to clients, passion projects, and income building. Thus, it’s vital that you clearly determine what exactly “outsourcing” means to you.

Understanding Your Priorities: Know which practice activities you want to outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Will you hand over general office duties and admin tasks? Or will you need someone more experienced with the ins and outs of private therapy practice? Answering these questions honestly and clearly makes a big difference in the type of help you hire.

Take time to look closely at your activities and your business to calculate what you believe needs your personal attention and what someone else could perform competently. Then, you need to figure out which of the latter should be transferred to a VA and how.

How to Find Viable Candidates, Interview, and Hire the VA for You

Finding Candidates via Virtual Assistant Companies and  Job Postings

A simple web search will lead you to a host of virtual assistant companies promising help. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that some offer American-based assistants with specialized backgrounds. Others will offer competent, English-speaking assistants with less specific training. Who you choose depends on how you wish to use their skills and your budget.

Why YourVAFinder.com is the only Search Aid You Need

Find Your VA for Private Practice

While agencies and job boards can offer a wide variety of options, such large pools of Virtual Assistants can be overwhelming. That’s why I developed a site dedicated to supporting therapists with private practice. Better yet, my site provides VA’s who understand the unique nature of your business, billing standards, and what it takes to manage a growing practice. This significantly streamlines your search for support.

At YourVAFinder you can one-stop-shop for help. You’ll be able to

1. Search candidate specialty or location.

2. Compare candidate rates, reviews, and profiles.

3. Connect with candidates for additional info.

Executing an Interview

To get the best sense of who you’re dealing with, perform an interview via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Duo, etc. Face-to-face interaction is key. Beyond the way they read on paper, you need to read temperament and whether they truly have a workable Internet connection. Feel free to let candidates know they are being recorded, and compare recordings later to gauge who you like best.

Need ideas for what to ask during interviews? Try these:

  • What is your experience as a virtual assistant?
  • Can you explain the services you offer?
  • How would you describe your standard process?
  • What hours are you available?
  • What is your email turnaround?
  • Are you social media savvy?
  • How many clients do you work for?
  • What references can you offer?
  • Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

Most of all, your interviews should determine several factors beyond the basics of their past experience. Your work together would be fluid and require prompt, attentive action. Thus, you need to clearly ascertain how they cope with specific situations.  Try to ask specific questions about situations, how they would contribute, and what they would do if specific issues arose.  Take the time to get a clear idea of their ability to organize, problem-solve, and take responsibility.

Keep Communication a Top Priority

As you narrow down your options, the need for a high level of communication is key. A virtual assistant is relying on their ability to serve you via technology. You need to work well, exchange ideas, provide feedback, and receive updates seamlessly. Your online interview and discussion of rates and working conditions reveal a lot about how comfortable you’ll be in a working relationship.

Finally, congratulations! You are on the way to making your practice more efficient and your life less stressful. Let YourVAFinder find you a professional able to understand and support your business. Soon, the right selection will anticipate your needs and help you transform, your business optimally.

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