Attract Customers Now: How to Write a VA Profile They’ll Want to Read

You are, no doubt, a qualified and conscientious VA. You’re ready to work and eager to support therapists who want to grow their practices. You just need to connect with them and get going.

Yet, it’s not easy distinguishing yourself amid the throngs of freelancers and entrepreneurs and recently resigned workers who are seeking online customers. Fortunately, you have the skills and a unique set of experiences that customers need. They just don’t know it yet.

How can you get them to pay attention? Write a great profile.

What’s that? A professional profile is an essential tool that highlights your skills and expertise and it shows employers what assets you will bring to the role you are applying for. You might consider adding a professional profile section to your resume so that employers immediately see how you can benefit their company. This guide will help you write your professional profile and show you some examples that you can use to get started.

How do you write a profile? Know your customer, capture their attention, and reel them in.

Here’s how:

virtual assistant creating a great VA profile

How to Write a Great Profile to Attract Customers Seeking a Virtual Assistant

The competition you’re facing is real. Start to attract VA seekers by sharing where you are. Make sure that they know you are accessible, available and quick to respond.

Understand that you’ll need more than a list of facts, features, or services

Be willing to promote yourself. The best way to do this well? Attract customers by showcasing what you can do for them and why your services set you apart.

Of course, you’ll want to lead in with your job title, work experience, and training. Following that, ask yourself:

“What will make a potential customer stop searching and select my profile?”

Present the benefits of working with you. Start with what makes you unique. This is called your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). 

From there, promote the other benefits you provide. After all, that’s what they are searching for.

How to give the customer what they want.

Highlight quickly, directly, and specifically what you can do for them. Share the skills you know your customer wants. It’s wise to break them up into areas a therapist will need, such as:

  • Admin Services like Scheduling, Email management, CRM support, Office organization, Social media management, etc.
  • Therapy Specific Services such as Billing assistance, Practice growth concerns, Credentialing, Insurance Verifications, etc
  • Human Resource Support like Position advertisement and Applicant screenings, interviews, Background checks,etc.

Keep information straightforward and accurate. Include professional skills and acheivements that are relevant the role of a Virtual Assistants in the therapy realm.

Engage Without Overdoing It

Be yourself, be professional, but don’t be verbose. Keep your profile copy short and direct. It’s important to employ short sentences and white space well. Your customers’ eyes should be able to skim and read quickly. You want them to grasp what you’re sharing easily.

Also,use headings primarily to distiguish sections. To prevent issues in clarity or appearance, stay away from the following:

  • acronyms and abbreviations.
  • italics, bolding, or underlining.
  • overly multicolored text or highlighted text.
  • ampersands (&) and other special characters.

Basically, keep it simple and your language accessible. Steer clear of vague or figurative language. Show VA searchers how efficiently and capably you can communicate.

writing professional profile on a tablet


  • Get a friend (or someone outside the business) to look over the description. Sometimes you can be too close to the project to view it objectively.

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